I was Spartacus

Like a lot of you, I started out with Freeway so that I didn’t have to learn how to code web pages. But the fact was, Freeway was a code generator… it literally made code. But there were limits to the code it made.

So then I began to learn how to hack Freeway to get the code that I needed— which meant knowing something about the code that I needed. That was the beginning of the end of my designing in ignorance.

Freeway was still a useful tool, automating many useful things like links and images across a site. But more and more, I was determining and directing the outcome of the code-generating process. More hacks and community created Actions to assist with modifying the Freeway output just led me further and further into a world where you could make amazing stuff— if you just knew how.

Bending Freeway to that use was hard, but not impossibly so. I started this blog to show others how to get Freeway to work for them in the same way. I also did my best to help others on the FreewayTalk forum …with mixed results. So maybe I was naive to think that I was like everyone else. It takes an open mind to try something new, or to look at something in a new way. That and a little courage.

UPDATE: With the end of Softpress, Freeway is now irrelevant. Thankfully, I don’t need to depend on it and I will go on designing and building websites. The same can’t be said about others who— for whatever reason— just couldn’t take that next step. Or just couldn’t recognize that a next step was required.

It was good at times, and sometimes it was bad… but now it’s all irrelevant.